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samira oberberg

london, uk
munich and berlin, germany

+44 7469075844

I am a London based cinematographer, junior member of the BVK, the german society of cinematographers and a member of Illuminatrix Rising, a collective of female cineamatographers. I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Cinematography from the National Film and TV School (2017), where I received tutoring from Brian Tufano, BSC (TRAINSPOTTING, BILLY ELLIOT), Oliver Stapleton, BSC (NED KELLY, BUFFALO SOLDIERS) and acclaimed commercials DP Stuart Harris, as well as multiple workshops led by working industry professionals (Roger Deakins, CBE, ASC, BSC; Billy Williams, OBE, BSC; Charlotte Bruus Christensen, etc.)

I am fascinated by people's stories. I love to get to know people and studying languages. I have lived and worked in Germany, Iceland and England, I speak fluent German and English, as well as the basics of French and Spanish.
I have also been intererested in photography most of my life. Therefore moving into the film industry seemed like a logical combination of my interests.

 My path into the industry began 2012 with a year long internship at the rental company FGV Schmidle in Munich, which taught me the ins and outs of cameras both film and digital, lighting, grip and sound equipment. This background knowledge enabled me to easily move into the camera department.
From 2012 to 2015 I worked as a camera assistant/loader on feature films (LOLA AUF DER ERBSE, BOUREK), TV dramas (DER KLEINE UNTERSCHIED, DIE SACHE MIT DER WAHRHEIT), TV series (SOKO 5113), as well as commercials (MINI COUNTRYMAN, TETESEPT, HANCOOK) 

During this time and thereafter I shot narrative and non-fictional work. since then I have worked on multiple award-winning short films and commercials including SWEET DREAMS, a commercial that won BEST IN BRIEF at the Nahemi Kodak Student Awards, and WILD HORSES, which won the BEST DRAMA at the Royal Television Awards, and was nominated for prizes at the Festival de Cannes: CINÉFONDATION, Edinburgh Film Festival: UK-SPECTRUM, Bristol ENCOUNTERS Short Film Festival, Raindance: BEST UK SHORT in London and others.


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